Dear patients,
we are also there for you this year between the years from 27.12. - 29.12.2017. Our tip: remember your bonus booklet. If you still need the bonus bookmark for 2017, you can arrange an appointment in our office. From 02.01. - 12.01.2018 our practice is closed because of holidays. For appointment requests in our vacation time, you can write us an e-mail to or use the online booking here on our site. From 08.01. - 12.01.2018 the practice Dr. Kraus (06171 - 587 07 1) takes over representing us. On the weekends and public holidays you can reach the dental emergency service on 01805 - 60 70 11. From the 15.01.2018 we are gladly there for you again.
We thank you for your trust and wish you a Merry Christmas!
Your practice team Dr. Heinlein

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Often, toothache in small doses can be dealt with, but ongoing pain can become very stressful. We therefore ask you to call our practice immediately if you are in pain.

+49 (0)6171 - 52 161


For emergency cases in the Oberursel region (Taunus) outside our office hours, please call the telephone number

+49 (0)1805 - 607 011